How Can You Pick the Gender of your Baby Without Spending Thousands?

If you are looking to grow your family or are trying to start one, the chance to pick the gender of your baby can be both exciting and a little scary. Some parents worry that baby gender selection is not natural or have been brought up to believe that this is wrong in some way. While the tendency for countries like China and India to have women abort their pregnancy if they get pregnant with a baby girl is completely immoral, natural baby gender selection is not.

The difference is that as opposed to making a decision to abort a fetus whose gender is already known, attempting to choose the sex of your baby prior to conception is perfectly acceptable; provided the parents are willing to accept the child even if they turn out to be the opposite gender they had hoped for and the method is natural. Many people who already have boys will often hope to conceive a girl (and vice versa) because there is a feeling that something is missing from the family. There are a number of baby gender selection methods including very expensive procedures.

One such procedure is known as sorting technology which claims to improve your chances of choosing the gender of your baby.

Essentially what this sorting technology does is separate out the female producing X chromosomes from the male producing Y chromosomes into batches. The process involves fluorescent dye’s and is somewhat complex, but according to company’s that promote it, there is a success rate of 75-90%. While this may be accurate and quite impressive, the problem is that it costs approximately $3,000 for the procedure and there are no guarantees that you will conceive a baby boy or the baby girl you desire. Are you willing to risk that much money for the possibility of successful baby gender selection? For those that have the money, this procedure may be worth trying if you are satisfied it will help upon conducting further research. But many couples cannot afford to spend that much for a “maybe”, especially considering how expensive raising a child is today.

The good news is that there are far cheaper and less invasive natural methods which teach you how to choose baby gende<strong>r</strong>. And these natural gender selection programs can provide you with a lot of important tips and information including the importance of timing intercourse, what to eat in order to get pregnant with a boy or girl, understanding how ovulation works, factors that influence your fertility, understanding the role genetics plays in determining your baby’s gender, why the female orgasm impacts the gender of your baby and many more key pieces of information.

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