Identity Theft – A Quick Introduction

The crime of ID theft refers to a criminal offense in which a thief steals valuable information of an individual such as a Social Security number and a driver’s license number. Once a thief was able to obtain this crucial data, he can start to pretend to be another person. Information that is stolen may be used to obtain money, services or items under a victim’s name, which is a reason you need to use protect against identity theft.

Immigration or some other activity can take place in cases where an ID thief has been supplied with false documents by means of the crime of identity theft. A big problem with ID theft is that a lot of the time, crimes committed by an ID theft criminal are sometimes ascribed to the the individual who had been the victim.

2 kinds of ID theft are true name ID theft and account takeover. In the case of true name identity theft, the person stealing the identity uses another person’s private data in order to obtain new accounts. Such accounts include a checking account to commit financial theft, new charge card account or a cell phone service.

Account takeover, on the other hand, is a kind of identity theft wherein an identity thief utilizes personal information that has been stolen in order to obtain access to a person’s financial accounts. Frequently, the thief will use the stolen information to be able to buy additional items and at the same time changes the billing address of the victim so that the victim never sees the bills with fraudulent charges.

Since no true confirmation is performed when making a purchase online, criminals are finding it easy to buy items online. All that is required is just the credit card information and they are good to go. Another excellent example why you should make use of a best identity theft protection.

Some identity thieves hack databases to obtain private data. This kind of criminal offense, however, does not happen frequently unlike the well known techniques such as looking at a person while conducting a financial dealing or rummaging through the trash for personal information.

You should always be alert when filling out long application forms at the DMV or other places. There are criminals waiting to obtain your private information which often times results in your identity being stolen. Use a identity fraud protection product and protect your identity today!

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