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Most of us seen the late-night TV promotionspraising tax relief services that will get you agreements with the IRS thatallow you to pay only pennies on the dollar.  For those with tax problems, theses claims can seem to be a dream come true, but do they really work?  Are they worth the money that you need to spend on these types of programs and the most important point, are they valid?

People wrestling with overdue taxes may feel helpless and unsure of where to turn for tax relief. While help is available, consumers should seek a qualified tax lawyer or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist who will offer transparency throughout the tax debt relief process, while helping to ensure that clients have realistic expectations for solving their tax issues – including setting realistic goals for a successful outcome of your case.

Be open to labeling success for your tax resolution. Unfortunately, reducing back taxes through an Offer in Compromise is not achievable. An ethical and legitimit specialist will tell you this upfront. The key in these cases is to minimize the chaos the IRS can and will wreak on your life. The IRS is the most unforgiving collection agency on the planet and they will gladly take your business, bank account, house, boat, car, whatever they can until they feel your debt is paid. They don’t care if you can’t feed your family or commute to work.  Make peace with the notion that you’re going to have to pay back taxes to the IRS.

In such cases, success is measured in how you pay, and whether it will make a huge impact on your quality of life. There’s a huge difference between helplessly watching the IRS drain every last dollar from your bank account every month or debiting to them a reasonable set amount through a payment plan arranged by your IRS tax relief attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist.

If reducing your tax debt is not doable, there are other ways to reach a successful outcome including installment agreements, partial pay installment agreements, positive audit results, positive Innocent Spouse defense, getting penalties removed or reduced, as well as preventing, releasing/modifying existing salary garnishments, and bank levies.

Strive for peace of mind, this is critical. The stress of dealing with the IRS can color your whole life. You will feel nervous every time the phone rings and get the shakes when you pick up your mail. Once you sign with an expert for help resolving your back taxes, you generally do not have to deal directly with the IRS on this matter.

The average taxpayer may make basic mistakes when they communicate with the IRS directly. Tax relief professionals deal with the IRS day in and day out and know how to avoid incriminating comments. Once you’ve retained a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, the fear of doing or saying or doing the wrong thing evaporates and you can sleep again at night, which is priceless.

Never underestimate the importance of maintaining your lifestyle to the greatest degree possible. Again, there are no guarantees, but upon negotiating and securing a properly structured formal payment plan installment agreement an experienced professional can help clients avoid downsizing or reducing their lifestyle in order to pay back taxes to the IRS.  Also,, when we a client is set up on a formal payment plan with the IRS, the “go-forward” Failure to Pay penalty is reduced by 50 percent.

A qualified tax relief attorney can also help prevent seizures of property, in which case success is measured by the client being able to remain in their home. Successful IRS mediation and negotiation can also prevent the seizure of other personal property and small businesses, as well as avoiding criminal investigations by the IRS and criminal prosecution.

IRS compliance can help you get a fresh start. Before the IRS will entertain any type of tax help resolution of your account, they require all delinquent returns to be prepared and filed. This is called getting “compliant”. Additionally, in many cases, if a taxpayer fails to file legally required returns, the IRS will do one on the taxpayer’s behalf known as a “substitute for return,” which is always in the government’s best interest. The IRS will typically grossly overstate taxes assessed against the taxpayer.

It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to file the substitute return with an original filed return. Just by doing this, the taxpayer’s liability is generally greatly reduced or may even be eliminated. Just the mere action of getting help to file a complete and accurate delinquent tax return to replace what the IRS has on file is a huge success – and can help taxpayers get back on track.


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