Secured Credit Card To Build Your Credit

The truth is that you cannot improve your credit scores without good current reports. Eliminating bad items from the reports is important but you’ll also need favorable current reporting items. How can you do this? Who has given you credit these days? the bank is.  Get up to $5,000 secured credit Mastercard.  NO CREDIT CHECK REQUIRED. They’ll verify only your age, social security number and residence. They will verify this information through a third party. Your credit report will never be considered in connection with your application.
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Next Millenium will approve your application if you meet the basic requirements listed below. 

Use this card to build your credit score. Always be sure to pay in a timely manner, always!  A solid payment history on your account will also give you the ability to request credit line increases at any time with an additional deposit.

These credit cards have a credit limit of $300.00 to $5,000.00 for each card. You, not the bank, will determine your credit limit by the amount you deposit. The Mastercard credit limit will equal the balance in your collateral savings. The lowest deposit is $300, most is $5,000.00 per card. You’ll be sent confirmation and savings account material after the bank gets your online application and processing fee.

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Your credit history will NOT be checked. Approval will rely on the bank’s verification of the information you supply to them regarding your age (at least 18, 19 in NE), social security number and place of residence. Your approval is also based on your agreement to open an FDIC insured savings account (minimum $300 — maximum $5,000 for each card) with the bank. This is your cash, but you pledge it as security to repay all of the credit extended by Next Millenium. 

To apply for a credit card, please submit the application with your processing fee. After your processing fee is paid, the bank will confirm the receipt f funds and will send you all of the documents you need to open the FDIC insured savings account that will secure payment of the Mastercard. You will need to complete those documents and return them with your deposit.  After receiving those documents, and the funds for the deposit, the bank will verify your age, social security number and residence. As soon as the bank verifies your information, they will send your credit card. If they can’t verify this information, they’ll refund your savings account and double your processing fee. 



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